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Zaur Agabeyli

Mr Agabeyli is judging Terriers on Thursday, Part Companion & Toy Dogs and Group Specials on Friday, Working Group on Saturday and Dobermann & Newfoundland Specialties Sunday.

Mr Zaur Agabeyli (Azerbaijan)

Mr Saranchuk is judging Toys on Thursday, Retrievers on Friday, Utility on Saturday and Non Sporting on Sunday.

He will be judging Heat 3 of the Petcover BOH Challenge.

Mr Mel Saranchuk (Canada)

Mrs Saranchuk is judging part Gundogs on Thursday, Sheepdogs & Cattle Dogs on Friday, Irish Wolfhound & Weimaraner Specialties on Saturday and Terriers on Sunday.

She is judging Heat 1 of the Petcover BOH Challenge on Saturday.

Mrs Lynda Saranchuk (Canada)

Mr Thukaram is judging Hounds on Thursday, Pinschers, Schnauzer & Molosoid Breeds on Friday, Gundogs on Saturday and Working on Sunday.

Mr Preetham Thukaram (India)

Mrs Ikeda is judging General Specials on Thursday, Part Companion & Toy Dogs on Friday, Toys on Saurday and Part Gundogs (Cocker Spaniel Feature Breed) on Sunday.

She will will judging the Maiko Neuter Challenge Sweepstakes on Friday.

Mrs Sumiko Ikeda (Japan)

Mr Terada will be judging part Gundogs and Group Specials on Thursday, Spitz & Primitive Breeds on Friday, Chihuahua & Papillon Specialties on Saturday and British & French Bulldog Specialties on Sunday.

He will be judging General Specials on Saturday.

Mr Mitsunori Tereda (Japan)

Mr Kamei is judging part Working Group on Thursday, Dachshunds and part Sheepdogs and Cattle dogs on Friday, Shetland Sheepdog & Collie Specialties on Saturday and Pug Specialty on Sunday.

Mr Takio Kamei (Japan)

Mr Krishnan is judging Utility on Thursday, Pointing Dogs on Friday, Terriers on Saturday and Hounds and General Specials on Sunday.

Mr Gopi Krishnan (Malaysia)

Mr Ferruggiaro is judging Non Sporting on Thursday, Australian Terrier, Jack Russell terrier & Staffordshire Bull Terrier Specialties on Friday, Hounds on Saturday and Toys on Sunday.

Mr Al Ferruggiaro (USA)

Mr Landarte is judging part Working and Group Specials on Thursday, Scenthounds and Sighthounds on Friday, Terrier Specialty on Saturday and Gundogs on Sunday.

Mr Adrian Landarte (Uruguay)

Mr Nallem is judging the Hound Specialty on Thursday, Terriers and General Specials on Friday, Non Sporting on Saturday and Utility on Sunday.

He will be judging Heat 2 of the Petcover BOH Challenge on Saturday

Mr Jorge Nallem (Uruguay)