Dogs SA Blackhawk Winter International 2024 Judging Panel

Jorge Nallem



Owner of “El Retorno” Kennel, he breeds Standard Schnauzer, Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers, Whippet, Beagle, Boxer, Short Hair Dachshunds, Greyhound and Cimarron Uruguayo. His dogs have succeeded at national and International level, achieving more than 150 all breeds Best in Show as well as many World Champion titles.

He is the breeder of the Wire Fox Terrier who won the Best in Show in the 2002 American FTC in Montgomery County, the Award of Merit in Westminster KC, all breeds BIS in the Americas and the Caribbean Show, World Champion and Best of Breed in Porto 2001, etc. He made up 4 World Champions with his Standard Schnauzers, winning Best of Group and Group 2 Reserve in the Mexico World Dog Show in 1999. He won more than 60 all breeds BIS with this breed.

He became a Fox Terrier judge in 1987, and an All Breeds FCI judge in 1996. Specialist judge on Old English Sheepdog, Boxer, Doberman, Schnauzers, Fox Terriers, Basset Hound, Irish Setters, Poodles, Shihtzu and Afghan Hound. Member of the FCI Standard Commission (1999-2018); he is currently its President.

President of the Kennel Club Uruguayo (1996-2000, 2004-2008, 2014-2016). He was President of la Sociedad de Criadores de Cimarrones Uruguayos. President of the judge’s committee of the KCU FCI Delegate for the World Dog Show in 2005 (Argentina) and Americas and Caribean Show (1999-2003) and 2005. He has judged all over South America, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Guatemala, Hungary, Japan, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, India, Corea, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Trinidad y Tobago, Russia, South Africa. He judged in the World Dog Shows in Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, Finland and Hungary; in the Americas and Caribean Shows in Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador y Guatemala; in the European Dog Show in Finland and Switzerland; the Royal in Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Sydney.

He has given several conferences in judge training seminars in several countries

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