Dogs SA Blackhawk Winter International 2024 Judging Panel

Takio Kamei



Since I was born into a family which bred and showed Akita dogs, I became naturally interested in dog shows.   I treasured going to dog show as one of my weekend enjoyments in my youth. Back then in Japan, the TV series “Lassie” was extremely popular attracting me to Collies. The joy and excitement of having my own Collie as a member of the family still stays with me. Later on, I witnessed Shelties at a show and literally fell in love with them and have been for more than 30 years.

 in 1980, I owned my first Sheltie (sable female) bred by one of the leading breeders in my country Then in 1982, bred my first Shelties. Since then Shelties have been the only one I breed producing many JKC champions.

In 2006, I earned my judging license for the Herding group including Shelties and Collies, since then I have been active as both judge and breeder.  At the same time, I am busy being involved as a member of the board for many specialty shows, inviting many wonderful judges from the US, such as Linda More, Kim Schive, Marjorie Tuff, Nan Bodine and Joe Molly (who unfortunately passed away). They are all my great friends and it has been an honor knowing them. I am very happy to work as a bridge between the US and Japan.

Mitsunori Terada






Gopi Krishnan